Our Partners


Dr. Amina Hersi

General Practitioner and Expert on PCOS

Dr. Belinda Coker

General Practitioner & Fertility Expert

Dr. Zara Hosany

Psychologist, HCPC – Clin. Psych.

Andreia Trigo

Nurse consultant, researcher and founder of Enhanced Fertility

Yemi Adegbile

Senior Fertility Nurse & Ethnicity Ambassador

Lucy Livesey

Mental Health Nurse & Wellbeing Practitioner

Samantha Jones

Midwife, Freedom Fertility Specialist

Yemi Adegbile

Senior Fertility Nurse & Ethnicity Ambassador

Lucy Livesey

Mental Health Nurse & Wellbeing Practitioner


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Revolutionary reproductive care powered by AI and cutting edge research

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Plan Your Baby

Plan Your Baby is a Telehealth Fertility and Pregnancy clinic

International Fertility Company

180 Fertility Clinics in the UK and Overseas covering 24 Countries

Cherish - UK

Gynaecology and Fertility

Natural Fertility Healthcare

Cherish - UK

Gynaecology and Fertility



Male Fertility Testing & Education

Kevin Button - "The Mancave"

Male Infertility Expert


Male Fertility Testing & Education

Ian Stones

Male Infertility Expert


Enhanced Fertility Programme

Best Fertility Now

Best Fertility Now

The Fertility Foundation

Andrew Coutts

CEO of the International Fertility Company

Desi Radio London

Supporter of Ethnic Fertility

Fertility Issues in Teaching

Fertility in Education

Nurtured Munchkin

Senior Midwife & Hypnobirthing Courses

Relax with Lucy & Co

Mental Health Nurse & Bereavement

The Dovecote Fertility Support

Involuntary Childlessness Support

Fertility, Birth & Beyond

Birth & Postnatal Doula

Kelly Da Silva

Fertility Support Expert

Nishta Patel

“The Gut Expert” Nutritionist

Nicola Carter

Fertility, Birth & Postnatal Services

Caroline Biddle (Med)

Fertility in Education

The Embryologist Nutritionist

Natalie Coghlan

Nutrition in Fertility

Your Trusted Squad

Holistic Fertility & Support

Sarah Laver

Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes to Support Fertility

Endometriosis South Coast

Nua Fertility

Microbiome & Fertility Enhancement

Ian Stones

Fertility Health Coach

Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

Raising Standards in Reflexology for Fertility

The Gift of Healing

Energy Holistic Therapist

Ferti Retreat

Fertility Wellness Specialist


Bell Birth & Fertility

Fertility & Hypnobirthing

Theresa Davies Counselling

Lighthouses Therapy Services

Manali Hirani

Fertility Coach and Podcaster

Paula Lavandeira

International Fertility Coach & Hypnobirthing

Theresa Davies

BICA & BACP Counsellor

Aisha Balesaria


Salma Khanom

Counsellor and Psychotherapist (BACP)

Steven Britton

Fertility Intelligents Coach

Nadine Baynes


Jo Dalziel

Fertility Coach & Hypnobirthing

Vanessa Hurrell

International Council of Psychotherapists

Joanna Sinclair

FF UK Founder and CEO, Fertility Coach

Sarah Byrne

Menstruation Coach

Sian Elizabeth

Metabolism & Hormonal Support in Fertility

Claire Caldow

Fertility Coach, Counsellor & Therapist 

Tina Padia

Fertility Coach, Counsellor & Therapist 

Salise Haith

Fertility Coach, Counsellor & Therapist


My Surrogacy Journey

Two Dads UK

Lisa Allison

Fertility First Surrogacy Ambassador

Marcin Smietana

Reproductive Researcher


Sheila Lamb

Author of the ‘This is’ series and Co-author of ‘Infertility doesn’t care about your ethnicity’

Professor Joyce Harper

Author/Educator/ Academic /Scientist

Professor Peter Hollands

PhD (Cantab)

Jodie Hughes

Health & Endometriosis

Alex Davies MP Pontypridd

Alex Davies-Jones

MP for Pontypridd

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